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Thai fertility centers are registered with the medical authorities and can deliver a range of services to the couple looking for specialized care. Infertility is often defined as not being able to get pregnant, and it affects both men and women equally. In approximately 1 in 5 infertile couples, both partners have contributing problems, and in about 15 percent of couples, no cause is found; this is called "unexplained infertility". Thai gynecologists specializing in infertility or a board certified reproductive endocrinologist (RE) is recommended if pregnancy has not occurred after one year or if the woman is older than 35, has experienced multiple miscarriages, or has any medical problems that could make it difficult to get pregnant. After taking the patient’s history and conducting a physical exam, doctors will perform one or more tests to determine if the ovary is producing an egg and if that egg can travel to the uterus. This includes ovulation testing where ovulation can be evaluated through blood tests that detect hormones or ultrasound testing of the ovaries. Doctors may also recommend fallopian tube testing, and to make sure that one or both tubes are not blocked, the doctor may perform a hysterosalpingogram, hysterosonography and/or laparoscopy. Hormone Testing is also performed as certain hormones in the blood stream can affect fertility by causing ovulation problems. Testing includes drawing bloods to test for thyroid function, prolactin, DHEA and testosterone. Ovarian Reserve Tests can also be conducted, as an ovarian reserve test is a blood test that gives an estimate of how many eggs a woman has in her body and how good they might be. In the case of male infertility, a variety of conditions can lead to male this, including problems with sperm production, blockages of the vessels that deliver sperm, hormonal disorders and problems within the testicle itself. A man’s health history and lifestyle can also affect his fertility; so, it is important that both partners receive a fertility workup
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