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Thailand is where traditional therapeutic knowledge infuse into latest wellness and wellbeing technologies, resulting in one of world’s top destination for this recently booming health tourism. The country has many types of wellness, cosmetic and vitality offerings i.e. dental, cosmetic surgery, weight loss, anti-aging, Thai massage, spa and meditation.

Visitors are able to spot these service centres burgeon throughout the country. Every resort and hotel across the kingdom offers a variety of spa and vitality experiences from traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Thai herbal massage, homeopathy and other services for your purposes such as detox, weight management or just relaxation. You can also enjoy these services in a variety of different locations from a beach to a temple.

When compared to other countries, the prices of international standard services and products of health care, spa, cosmetic surgery, skin care and relaxation in Thailand are reasonable. Experts in Asian health care pointed out that those who come to the country spend 40-70% less. According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s survey, the average expenditure of the health and vitality tourists in Thailand is about 50,000 – 300,000 Baht per trip in 2015, and most of those tourists had stayed in five-star accommodation. Moreover, the kingdom also offers variety of prices and places that can fulfil your purposes.

Visitors can also chose to experience relaxation, anti-aging or aesthetic operations in facilities in the capital city of Bangkok and other major tourism destinations, namely Pattaya, Phuket, Ko Samui, Hua Hin, and Chiang Mai, or even secondary and charming destination like Chiang Rai, Khon Kaen and Song Khla which offer visitors different tastes of culture, food and adventure.

Thailand also enjoys a strategic location and serves as a gateway into the heart of Asia which is one of the world’s fastest growing markets. The country offers convenient connections with nearby countries and boasts modern infrastructure and transportation facilities that include an extensive road network and several air routes between Thailand and other countries.

The kingdom’s proximity to other countries allows for convenient sightseeing trips to other Asian countries. Visitors can also enjoy rejuvenating vacations that match their lifestyle in Bangkok or nearby destinations.
Nowadays, people are becoming more conscious about their health and physical image in order to boost their self-confidence and to open up more opportunities in life. So why is Thailand one of the best destinations for health and wellness? Thailand offers a range of top-notch health services for both foreign and domestic clients. The health and wellness industries in the country are known for their high quality in low prices. Traditional Thai Massage in one of world popular treatments that anyone should give a try. As for beauty treatments, there are not just about body scrubs, wraps, massage and facials. Whether travelers are looking for health-promoting skin detoxification, age-defying rejuvenation, or image-enhancing therapeutics, Thailand has thousands of exceptional clinics in different towns and landscapes for you to choose during your holidays, which turns it into a target destination for foreign visitors traveling to receive treatments.
如今,人们越来越意识到他们的健康和身体形象,以提高他们的自信心,并在生活中开辟更多的机会。 那么为什么泰国是健康和健康的最好的目的地之一? 泰国为国内外客户提供一系列顶级的卫生服务。 该国的健康和保健产业以低价格的高质量而闻名。 传统泰国按摩在任何人应该尝试世界普遍的治疗之一。 至于美容护理,不仅仅是身体磨砂,裹敷,按摩和面部护理。 无论旅行者是在寻找促进健康的皮肤排毒,年老的年轻化或图像增强疗法,泰国有数千个特殊的诊所在不同的城镇和风景,你可以选择在你的假期,这使它成为外国目标目的地 游客前往接受治疗。
Compared to other countries, Thailand has a lower cost of living while maintain a strong reputation for professionalism and exceptional services. Prices of cosmetic and beauty treatments in Thailand are reasonable, depending on types of treatments, procedures and services required.

Government support
The government promotes Thailand as a health hub in Asia. Investments in high-tech equipment and healthcare facilities enjoy continuous support from the government. This support has seen investment levels continually rise, providing opportunities for both the device sector and pharmaceutical sector to grow. Given its current stage of development, there is strong potential for continued growth in Bangkok and other major cities in Thailand in the health sector.
与其他国家相比,泰国拥有较低的生活成本,同时在专业性和卓越服务方面保持着良好的声誉。 泰国化妆品和美容护理的价格是合理的,根据治疗的类型,程序和服务要求。

政府促进泰国作为亚洲的健康中心。 对高科技设备和医疗设施的投资得到政府的持续支持。 这种支持已经看到投资水平持续上升,为设备部门和制药部门增长提供机会。 鉴于其目前的发展阶段,曼谷和泰国其他主要城市在卫生部门有持续增长的巨大潜力。
Thailand enjoys a strategic location and serves as a gateway into the heart of Asia which is one of the world’s fastest growing markets. The country offers convenient connections with nearby countries and boasts modern infrastructure and transportation facilities that include an extensive road network and several air routes between Thailand and other countries. Thailand’s proximity to other countries allows for convenient sightseeing trips to other Asian countries. During the recovery period, visitors can also enjoy rejuvenating vacations that match their lifestyle in Bangkok or nearby destinations.

Before You Travel
Visitors can travel to Thailand for wellbeing and wellness including leisure purposes at the same time. We recommend that you plan your trip carefully in order to save you time and avoid problems that may occur during your trip. Here are some suggestions.

Get Information
Study basic information about Thailand, as well as about health and wellness service centres you are interested in. Choose the cities and destinations you want to visit during the recovery period.

Prepare Your Travel Documents
In order to avoid any problems that may occur during the trip, always carefully prepare important travel documents such as your passport, visa, insurance forms before traveling. Make sure these important documents are securely stored during your stay in Thailand.

By Destinations
For decades Thailand has had a reputation as an unparalleled holiday destination as a result of the country’s safety, friendliness and healthy lifestyle. Travelers have long recognized Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Phuket, Pattaya and Hua Hin as places to enjoy dazzling cities, majestic peaks, lush jungles, stunning beaches, outstanding cuisine and a fascinating culture. Today, they are also recognized as premier health and wellness tourism destinations by those looking for world-class treatments from experienced professionals employing modern and traditional techniques and at state-of-the-art medical facilities.

Because of its established tourism infrastructure, visiting Thailand for any purpose is a generally hassle-free and all-around pleasant experience, whether you are coming to Thailand for a wellness holiday, recuperating with a post-treatment vacation or accompanying your loved ones.

Chiang Mai
Hua Hin
Koh Samui
In the year 2004, Thailand launched one of its boldest development goals -- to become the “Medical Hub of Asia,” since then both the Thai government and private sectors have heavily invested in local medical service system to improve service capacity and availability including emergency medical services (EMS).

Investment on health care services and medical equipment production had been increased dramatically according to Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI). BOI said Thailand’s medical services benefit from first-rate technological infrastructure with resulting quality on par with those of developed countries, yet at a fraction of the cost.

Four years later, the Emergency Medical Institute of Thailand (EMIT) was established to be responsible for the management and financing of pre-hospital care and ambulance services throughout the country. Many international organizations such as the World Health Organization and the United Nation praised Thailand for its success in establishing of high quality medical system which included the medical emergency system.

In the website of the prestigious Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA), said there are more than 50 hospitals and hospital chains in Thailand i.e. Bangkok Hospital, Bumrungrad, Smittivej, etc. have received accreditations from the organization. This accreditation helped in upgrading overall services, including the emergency.

In Bangkok and other big cities such as Phuket, Chiang Mai and Pattaya, these international standardized hospitals offer around the clock emergency medical services (EMS) with latest equipment. Although English-speaking providers are rare in rural area, tourists are covered with the country’s high standard emergency medical services in medical transport. In the website of Bangkok Hospital or the Bumungrad, they includes high quality transportation in to the services such as helicopter medevac, motorcycle ambulances and medical escort services when trained staff accompany patients as they travel, to, from and around Thailand.

Thailand also offers mobile ICU and cardiac units, land and water ambulances, medical escort services, and motorcycle ambulances that are the answer to big cities’ traffic. Meanwhile the Bangkok Hospital offers helicopter emergency medical services throughout Indochina, which saves critical time transporting patients to the care they need. The service is on call with experienced doctors and nurses 24 hours a day.

Tourists who are in need of emergency care can also dial 1664 (for Bangkok) and 1669 (the rest of the country). This government service is free of charge. Those ambulance and tools are modern ones and staffed with experienced healthcare personnel.

Under the universal health insurance law, every public hospital must take care of any patients who need medical care – not just Thai people, but also tourists, expats, migrant workers though they cannot afford to pay. Therefore, foreign holidaymakers who have no health insurance while travelling are able to access to medical treatments at a public hospital in Thailand.

Recently, the assistance industry which offers international medical assistance, emergency services, healthcare, evacuation and repatriation services, has expanded itself along with the kingdom’s tourism industry. Many major international assistance providers, including International SOS, AXA Assistance, Europ Assistance and Mondial Assistance, have representative offices in the country, and the number of Thai-owned assistance companies has also flourished in recent years, with leading providers including Asian Assistance and Asia Assistance Partners. International medical assistance, emergency services, healthcare, evacuation and repatriation services.

The country’s health and wellness sector has greatly benefit from this inclusive development of medical and related sectors. The flourish of the global wellness tourism in early in this decade also gives a boost to the sector. People head overseas for treatments that are intended to maintain their well-being, to prevent illness. This industry aims at anyone looking for authentic, usually non-traditional therapies which do not involve physicians and do not take place in clinics, but are delivered by therapists familiar with integrated medicine in comfortable, sometimes immaculate, retreats often referred to as wellness spas.

As such, “wellness spa tourism” is the common name for people who cross borders for preventive medicine and lifestyle improvement therapies.

Wellness spas are popular in many Asian health-tourism destinations and across Europe too, with the key component being the delivery of alternative treatments to achieve balance among mind, body, and spirit. The treatments found in wellness spas include things like therapeutic massage, detoxifying clay baths, Ayurvedic treatments, colonic cleansings, acupressure, yoga, reflexology, meditation, aromatherapy, and hydrotherapy.

With world class healthcare facilities, Thailand has emerged as one of international leading wellness spa destinations, providing all these therapies and more, earning itself the unofficial title of Spa Capital of Asia because of the unique way in which the country is able to deliver a relaxing atmosphere, warm hospitality and service, and therapists with the soft touch and welcoming personalities necessary for a rejuvenating, health-renewing wellness-spa experience. This is why so many people are choosing Thailand for wellness-spa tourism.

Thai wellness specialties include an array of traditional treatments that make the spas there so special. Expert therapists have an innate understanding of the centuries-old techniques that they use, partly due to the overall connection to well-being that is part of Thai culture.

The most well-known wellness-spa treatment is Traditional Thai Massage, a healing art that is thousands of years old and was once associated to spirituality in Buddhist temples. Another famous therapy that’s unique to Thailand involves the use fragrant therapeutic herbs wrapped in soft cotton, steamed, and then gently pressed on the body. It is commonly referred to as Thai Herbal Compress which, when applied to the body, transfers essential oils and heat for healing. Another time-honored Thai wellness spa therapy is Thai Foot Massage through which a heightened state of relaxation is achieved as varying amounts of pressure are applied not only to the feet, but also calves, thighs, and sometimes even the head and shoulders.

Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Koh Samui, and Phuket – major destinations for both health and leisure tourism – are all home to many wellness spas catering to Thais and travelers. One of the more famous in the capital is Samsara Wellness, an oasis in the city providing a calm & relaxed atmosphere aimed at total wellness. In Chiang Mai, The Ayurvedic Center has combined ancient Ayurvedic techniques with modern detoxification treatments in their pursuit of vitality for patients.

Phuket is home to many world-class wellness spas whose concept is to offer clients good health, and pampering in a sanctuary that’s rooted in Thai massage and healing traditions. They treat guests using ancient Thai medicine techniques such as traditional massages, heat therapies, and native to bring one’s body and spirit back to a state of harmony. And in Hua Hin, prestigious places like Chevasom, Aleenta etc. offer services to rebalances the body’s energy by removing toxins through variety of wellness activities and detoxification therapies.
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